We are a Family-Owned Business.

Growing up in Dallas, TX, Jason Pipkins ("Pip" for short) watched his mom bake cookies for family and friends for holidays and throughout the year. As a matter of fact, his mom's chocolate chip cookies were not only his favorite dessert, but the only dessert he would eat. He eventually learned how to make the cookies on his own, and started the tradition of making cookies for his own family.


In the Fall of 2017, Jason's wife, Cherish, a school principal, asked Jason to bake cookies for her colleagues as "sweet treats" for the holidays. Her friends and colleagues were so impressed by Jason's cookies that they asked for more. They also started referring their friends to Jason for these amazing homemade cookies. Jason and Cherish soon realized they were on to something. 

And from there, J PIP'S CHIPS was born. 

Customers have since come to love the homemade taste and quality ingredients in every J PIP'S CHIPS cookie and have deemed Jason's cookies as "the best cookie you've ever tasted."